Lesante Cape: the latest addition to Zakynthos emerges as one of The Leading Hotels of the World

Opening in May 2022, Lesante Cape Resort & Villas is the latest addition to the Lesante Collection on Zakynthos, a new offering of high-end hospitality and cultivated cultural experiences. A luxurious network of villas and suites, the hotel is set to strengthen the Collection’s presence on the island, having become the second Lesante Collection hotel to be officially accredited as one of the Leading Hotels of the World on October 22nd, 2021. As the newest member of this Group, Lesante Cape now bears a prestigious signature, a mark that guarantees curious travelers unique experiences and world-class services in a ‘decidedly unordinary’ hotel.

Lesante Cape is the third property of the Lesante Collection on the island of Zakynthos. Headquartered in its capital, the award-winning Lesante Collection includes Lesante Classic, a family hotel and spa, and Lesante Blu, an exclusive, adults-only beach resort. With Lesante Cape, the Collection takes the next step into a market of discerning travelers. Answering the call for more authentic, culturally immersive travel experiences, Lesante Cape is a channel for encountering both island heritage and the quintessential charms of a Mediterranean summertime. It is the second Lesante Collection unit, after Lesante Blue, to receive Leading Hotels accreditation, a marker of its position as a premier destination on Zakynthos.

At Lesante Cape, private suites and villas circle around a traditional, village-style square. A meeting point and central hub, the square is lined with high-end gastronomy and fine-drinking destinations, as well as access to communal and private swimming pools, a Mediterranean spa and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Nearby is the Lesante Cape ‘bostani’, a small-scale organic farm that borders on a vast expanse of private vineyards. With traditional design that proudly showcases the island’s cultural roots, Lesante Cape is a secluded retreat for all.

The central philosophy of Lesante Cape lies in experience and cultural immersion. Guests will discover the proud heritage of Zakynthian nobility, the traditions of authentic Zakynthos and the timeless experience of an old-world Mediterranean summer. Inspired by the past yet forging the future, Lesante Cape is both an emblem of high-end hospitality and a natural addition to the Leading Hotels of the World.

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