Dedalo Progetti

The name of the company is inspired from Daedalus, a great inventor and architect of Greek mythology.

In Dedalo Progetti, we approach each project with professionalism and great attention to detail. Our experienced staff, excellent knowledge on construction and continuous monitoring of the procedure guarantee the successful and timely completion of the projects we undertake.

Our goal for every project we materialize is to render it with consistency, quality and distinctiveness in order to meet our client’s expectations but also the high standards we set.

What we do

Since 1997, we specialize in the field of architecture and design.

Our company provides integrated solutions for all kinds of private or commercial places. From the initial concept to the materialization of the project we emphasize on aesthetics, functionality and budget as well as on the special style that characterizes each site.

Our process

Intro /
General plan

In Dedalo Progetti, we believe that each space requires a special approach according to its advantages and challenges. Thus we start each project from scratch. Our method is designed to enable customers to closely monitor the progress of the project, from the initial design to completion.

The needs and expectations of the customer are examined and an overall budget is estimated. A detailed plan is drawn up according to the characteristics of the project and the estimated budget.

Concept /
Case study analysis

Ιnitial suggestions are developed, taking into account the location and environment of the place, as well as the characteristics of the target group. Drafts are designed, analyzed and discussed in detail with the client, in order to specify his preferences.

The final proposal for the project is formed. Detailed CAD drawings and 3D models are provided, offering a complete picture of the design proposals. Work evaluation and material specifications are provided for each particular section of the project. Time and cost configuration for the construction are defined.

Project supervision /

Each particular section of the construction procedure is monitored and supervised. Necessary explanation of the CAD drawings are provided to the workmen on site. Continuous quality tests are carried out, according to specifications. The customer is updated on regular basis, in order to ensure compliance with the budget and the schedule.

Our experience in designing and constructing indoor (interior) and outdoor (exterior) spaces, private or commercial, allows us to ensure the highest possible quality within the specified budget.

Our goal is every project to be characterized by consistency, quality and specificity, in order to meet the expectations of our customers and the high standards that we set.