The hotel unit Lesante Blue in Tragaki, Zakynthos

The 5-star seaside hotel spreads over 18 acres at Tragaki in Zakynthos. It is located on a plot with intense slopes, which offers unlimited sea view. In the area there was an olive grove that was preserved and few other trees, which were either preserved or transplanted. Due to the steep slope and in order the buildings to be better located, the design proposal was followed in parallel lines and blunt angles, which protects privacy and provides uninterrupted view to the sea.

Designing according to a new generation hotel unit, requirements and standards were set very high. The basic prerequisites of the study were that all day accommodation and communal areas have unlimited view to the sea and that all private spaces should maintain their privacy. Also, “green” architecture and sustainability was applied, not only in the configuration of the surrounding area, but also in the planted roofs and underlying buildings. An architecture fully harmonized with the environment.

The style of the buildings emerged from their location across the sea, at the entrance the visitor can see the “sails” of a ship. Inside of the buildings, in public and private areas the view to the sea is reminiscent of the ship’s immediacy with the sea. Buildings that accommodate suites and rooms are in-style with their aerodynamics. This idea was born due to the luxury of sailboats with the dynamic lines, the dominant white and the natural wood elements. The buildings decomposed the established forms and acquired the character of a small fleet.

There are 5 buildings on the plot. In the first, were placed the common areas, the three accommodate suites and rooms, equipped with swimming pools and an underlying restaurant in the central pool area. Keeping the balance between wood, stone and other building materials and clever uses of glass panes, a coherence between the buildings is created.