Lesante Cape: The epitome of authentic hospitality in Zakynthos

In an idyllic location in the heart of nature, Lesante Cape in Zakynthos opened its doors this summer, as the latest addition to the roster of the award-winning Lesante Collection, and a proud member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

The hotel’s luxurious villas and suites reflect the island’s aristocratic heritage, combined with the unparalleled beauty of its lush green surroundings, views of the vast blue, authentic island lifestyle and impeccable service. The famous signature of the Leading Hotels of the World guarantees every visitor excellent hospitality on the island, which is enriched both by high gastronomy and unique experiences.

In an ideal location on a hilltop above the sea, the prestigious resort embodies all the principles of island life, creating a sanctuary of elegant design, charming simplicity and unadulterated natural beauty, intertwined with sustainability and high aesthetics.

The experience of staying in each room of Lesante Cape is synonymous with a paradise of tranquility. From suites with panoramic sea views and private balconies to impressive and comfortable villas, each room exudes modern luxury. Thanks to their sophisticated Zakynthian design and the strong presence of natural elements, the rooms are transformed into an oasis of elegance and tranquility.

Source: money-tourism.gr